Sliced Acorn Iberian Shoulder 50% Iberian Breed

Sliced Acorn Iberian Shoulder 50% Iberian Breed, thinly sliced with separators, which facilitate handling and prevent them from sticking between them. Being able to have perfect slices to be served. Product sold in vacuum containers.
100 gr plastic container.

Acorn Iberian shoulder, salt, conservatives (E250 and E252), lactose and antioxidant (E331).

Store in refrigeration conditions: Tª<7ºC.

Open the container five minutes before consuming.

Color: red meat with streaks of white-pearly fat.
Taste: delicate, slightly salty meat.
Aroma: pleasant and characteristic.
Texture: homogeneous, not very fibrous and without pasture or softening.

Contains lactose.


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