Sliced Acorn Iberian Loin 50% Iberian Breed

Sliced Acorn Iberian Loin 50% Iberian Breed and vacuum packed.
100 gr plastic container.

Acorn Iberian Loin, salt, paprika, sugar, natural spices, dextrose, conservatives (E250 and E252), lactose and antioxidant (E301).

Store in a cool, dry place at room temperature.

Open the container five minutes before consuming.

Color: red with streaks of whitish fat.
Taste: delicate, slightly salty meat.
Aroma: pleasant and characteristic of cured sausage.
Texture: homogeneous and compact.
External aspect: typical, consistent, of variable length, cylindrical or slightly flattened.
Aspect to the Cut: homogeneous, smooth, with fatty infiltration, veined and characteristic.

Without gluten.

It does not contain lactose.

It does not contain allergens.



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